Getting Married

The Essential Checklist

Church Requirements:

  • Meet priest in parish of area you reside in to set a date % discuss prerequisites
  • Your Wedding Date
    (You must give 3 months notice / 6 months notice if under 18 years).
  • Inform priest of:
  1.  Name & Parish of the priest who will assist at your wedding.
  2. Name of church chosen for ceremony.
  • Book church (Well in advance).
  • Book Pre-Marraige Course (6 months in advance of Wedding Date).
  • Discuss ceremony details with celebrant.
  • Choose Readings / Bidding Prayers for ceremony.

Documents Required:

  • A Certificate of Baptism (must be a current certificate, written in last 6 months).
  • A Certificate of Confirmation.
  • Pre-Nuptial Enquiry Form (available from & fill in with priest).
  • Letter of Freedom from each parish you have lived in.
  • A Pre-Marraige Course Certificate.
  • Dispensation – if prospective spouse is not Roman Catholic or the marriage is in a non-Catholic church.
  • If you want the Pope;s Blessing, you will need a letter of recommendation from your priest. The Blessing takes 12 weeks to obtain. A brochure is available from Veritas.
  • If you wish to get married in Rome – inform priest in good time & he will provide further information.

State Requirements:

  • Completions of Green Form under:
    The Family Law Act 1995 – “Changes in Irish Marriage Law”
    (Additional requirements for the solemnisation and registration of a valid marriage in accordance with Irish Civil Law).
    Must be completed 3 months in advance of Wedding Date.
  • Guidance on Marriage Procedures in Northern Ireland can be obtained from:
    General Register Office, Belfast –
    Tel: (0232) 235211 or a Registrar of Marriages in your district.