Thoughts on Pope Francis and the upcoming visit to Ireland

As we prepare to welcome pope Francis I reflect on what will be the fruits of his visit?. Millions will both see and hear him speak a message that I am sure will both comfort inspire and challenge. How will the church and by church I mean all Catholics respond.


The more I reflect the more certain I become that nothing less that a profound conversion is called for. We must return with fresh ears to the message and mission of Jesus Christ. To be servant of all and least of¬†all. Human nature even for a Christian desires power position respectability but read can have no place in our church. How we arrive at this place I don’t know.

I am a conservative at heart but I believe Francis has been chosen to lead by word and example to a new place where many of our certainties are challenged our position on the margins and our hope and faith tested, I pray for women and men lay and religious young and old gay and straight who will show us the way. To finish I have hope and excitement for the journey God is leading on.

Fr. Pierre Pepper