National Day of Prayer for Children – 13th Oct 2017

O Lord God, who have made our love fruitful, we ardently recommend to your holy protection of our dear children.


Preserve them; make them grow as Jesus did, in grace before God and people. Implant in their hearts so great a love for you that they would prefer death to grievous sin. Teach them to put all their trust in you and to walk warily amidst the temptations of youth. Give them a filial devotion to your Holy Mother, that she may keep them free from sin.

We consecrate to you, O Lord, the children you have given us. If it pleases to call them to follow you more closely, give us enough faith to make the sacrifice of them with our whole hearts. Grant that our sins may not be visited upon them. Look upon our prayers and sacrifices on their behalf, and bless them all their days, so that together with them we may be gathered round your throne in heaven for all eternity. Amen