Juicy gossip or positive conversation ?

Conversation is like a boat. If everyone crowds on the one side, it sinks. It needs balance to keep it afloat – Marjorie Pither


Mobile phone companies tell us that we, as a nation, love to talk on our phones. We spend more time talking on our phones than any of our European neighbors. We are good at conversation and use it to brighten up every moment and occasion. Sometimes our conversations can be negative or critical of other people. Our conversations, at times, can be juicy gossip and as a result, puts us and others very much off balance. It is up to us to bring the balance back in. If our conversations tend to be negative or critical, why not try something that is uplifting and more positive. Prayer, no matter what form it takes, is a conversation with God. It can be a great step forward in bringing some overall balance into our lives.