Am I sensitive to how someone is really feeling ?

When Matt Busby died, Denis Law was asked. ‘What’s your greatest memory of Matt Busby?’ He replied ‘His face on the night we won the European Cup’


Our face has often been described as the window to our soul. It is very important. To remember someone is to remember their face. Our face is capable of so many different expressions. We recognoise this with the expressions we use. How often we talk about ‘loosing face’ or ‘saving face’, ‘two faced’, ‘faceless’ and so on. Just as the human face can express so many different things, we often put on a mask disguising how we are feeling. Jesus often looked into the face of those he met. With love and compassion he took down the mask and met that person where they were at. What is my facial expression today and those nearest to me ? Am I sensitive to how someone is really feeling ?