World Meeting of Families – Petitions

As part of the preparation for this huge event in August, every parish has a petition book in front of the alter, where family members are invited to place their petitions. These prayers will be presented at a special prayer service later in the year. We invite you to place your prayers over the coming weeks.

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What is World Meeting of Families all about ?

Dublin, Ireland, has been chosen by Pope Francis to host the next World Meeting of Families from 21-26 August 2018, guided by the theme “The Gospel of the Family: Joy for the World”.

Held every three years, this major international event brings together families from across the world to celebrate, pray and reflect upon the central importance of marriage and the family as the cornerstone of our lives, of society and of the Church. The event has at its heart the following key moments:

  • 21 August 2018, a National Opening of WMOF2018, which will take place simultaneously in all the different dioceses of Ireland.
  • 22 to the 24 August 2018a three-day Congress.  Each day will reflect on the theme “The Gospel of the Family: Joy for the World” chosen by the Holy Father and will include an enriching programme for adults of keynote speakers, workshops, talks, testimonies and discussions; an engaging and exciting programme for young people as well as fun activities for children. The Congress will also include daily celebration of the Eucharist, prayerful activities, exhibitions, cultural events and musical performances.
  • Saturday 25 August 2018Festival of Families, comprising a reflective concert style event within a prayerful and joyful atmosphere, in which personal stories of faith will be shared by families from all continents.
  • Sunday 26 August 2018, WMOF2018 will close with a solemn Eucharistic Celebration, that will gather thousands of people from Ireland and all over the world.

Adoration every Wednesday 10am – 9pm at St Rynaghs Church

What is Eucharistic Adoration?

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Understood simply, Eucharistic Adoration is adoring or honouring the Eucharistic Presence of Christ. In a deeper sense, it involves “the contemplation of the Mystery of Christ truly present before us”.

During Eucharistic Adoration, we “watch and wait”, we remain “silent” in His Presence and open ourselves to His Graces which flow from the Eucharist … By worshiping the Eucharistic Jesus, we become what God wants us to be! Like a magnet, The Lord draws us to Himself and gently transforms us.

In its fullest essence … Eucharistic Adoration is “God and Man reaching out for each other, at the same time!”

The Eucharist is: Jesus truly present – Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity!

At the moment of Consecration, during the Mass, the “gifts” of bread and wine are transformed (transubstantiated) into the actual Body and Blood of Christ, at the Altar. This means that they are not only spiritually transformed, but rather are actually (substantially) transformed into the Body and Blood of Christ. The elements retain the appearance of bread and wine, but are indeed the actual Body and Blood of Christ. This is what is meant by Real Presence: the actual, physical presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.

Christ instituted this Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist in order to remain with mankind until the end of time (Jn. 14:18).

Special Valentine Service – Tuesday 13th February

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Pro Life March

A bus will travel from Banagher to Dublin on March 10th to join the tens of thousands of people who will call for protection for the unborn. This is a crunch time for Irish society, when the unborn are under attack.


Please show your support for keeping the 8th Amendment by travelling with us.

* If you wish to travel, contact Fr. Pierre 057 91 51338

Carols by Candlelight – 15th December 2017














Prayer for Healing (2nd of our four Christmas Retreat Masses)

In preparation for Christmas, Mass will be offered on the 4 Wednesdays before Christmas. This Wednesday 6th December, is our second special Mass and the theme this week will be ‘Healing’

Prayer for Healing


Lord, You invite all who are burdened to come to you. Allow Your healing Hand to heal me. Touch my soul with Your compassion for others; touch my heart with Your courage and infinite Love for all; touch my mind with Your Wisdom, and may my mouth always proclaim Your praise. Teach me to reach out to You in all my needs, and help me to lead others to You by my example.
Most loving Heart of Jesus, bring me health in body and spirit that I may serve You with all my strength. Touch gently this life which you have created, now and forever.

Prayer for Families (First of our four Christmas Retreat Masses)

In preparation for Christmas, Mass will be offered for the next 4 Wednesdays, beginning this Wednesday 27th November. The first theme of our Christmas Retreat will be ‘The Family’.

Prayer for my Family


O dear Jesus,
I humbly implore You to grant Your special graces to our family.
May our home be the shrine of peace, purity, love, labor and faith.
I beg You, dear Jesus, to protect and bless all of us, absent and present, living
and dead.

O Mary,
loving Mother of Jesus,
and our Mother,
pray to Jesus for our family,
for all the families of the world,
to guard the cradle of the newborn,
the schools of the young and their vocations.

Blessed Saint Joseph,
holy guardian of Jesus and Mary,
assist us by your prayers
in all the necessities of life.
Ask of Jesus that special grace
which He granted to you,
to watch over our home
at the pillow of the sick and the dying,
so that with Mary and with you,
heaven may find our family unbroken
in the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Christmas Mission

As part of our preparations for Christmas, a Mission over four Wednesdays will start on Wednesday 29th November and for the following three Wednesdays. Mass will be at 7 PM and the themes will be – Family, Healing, Real meaning of Christmas and Confession


Lord, our God, help us to walk with you
On the pathway to the beatitudes and
To live out your mission in today’s world.

Bind us to all men and women of our time
So that together we may bring the
Good News to the ends of the earth.

Open our hearts and our Christian communities
To the needy, the afflicted, the oppressed.
May we radiate the Living Christ
And transform our lives in the hope of the Resurrection.

This prayer we make to you
Who is the living God, now and forever.

Prayer for our Dead

The annual Ceremony for commemoration of the Dead will take place on Friday 24th November at 7.30pm, which is also the Feast of St Rynagh, Patron of our Parish.

Prayer for the Dead


God our Father,
Your power brings us to birth,
Your providence guides our lives,
and by Your command we return to dust.

Lord, those who die still live in Your presence,
their lives change but do not end.
I pray in hope for my family,
relatives and friends,
and for all the dead known to You alone.

In company with Christ,
Who died and now lives,
may they rejoice in Your kingdom,
where all our tears are wiped away.
Unite us together again in one family,
to sing Your praise forever and ever.


Fr Pierre’s 50th Birthday Mass Celebration

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